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Calculating Additional time Pay for Hourly Plus Fee Staff


Most employers are effectively conscious of their obligations beneath the Honest Labor Requirements Act (FLSA)—primarily, the requirement to pay at the very least minimal wage and pay extra time for hours labored in extra of 40 in a given workweek. These apply to a big proportion of workers, except they fall beneath one of many varied exemptions.


That stated, not all employers are well-versed in how one can calculate extra time pay when the calculation goes past merely paying a base fee at time and a half. The problems can shortly develop into complicated, and employers should be certain they’re doing the calculations correctly or danger operating afoul of FLSA legal guidelines.

In actual fact, not all employers are conscious that the requirement to incorporate issues within the extra time calculation past base pay exists. This could get particularly cumbersome when an worker’s pay adjustments each week as a consequence of issues like commissions, that are earned after particular standards are met.

Examples of Calculations

Let’s check out an instance of an worker making $15/hour who works 45 hours. For a daily hourly worker, the calculation is straightforward:

$15 x 45 hours labored = $675 base pay

$7.50 x 5 hours = extra time pay at half fee (to create time and one-half) = $37.50 extra time pay

$712.50 complete pay owed

One other method some folks calculate it, which is similar in the long run, is that this:

$15 x 40 base hours = $600 for normal pay for the primary 40 hours

$22.50 x 5 extra time hours (time and one-half) = $112.50

$712.50 complete pay

As you see, each are appropriate methods of trying on the calculation.

However what if that very same worker works 45 hours that week and had a fee cost of $200 added to his or her pay for the week? Do you pay the individual the extra time pay beforehand calculated of $712.50 plus $200 = $912.50 complete?

Those that should not but well-versed in FLSA necessities might assume they’re assembly their extra time pay obligations by paying the time-and-a-half fee on the bottom pay. However the regulation really requires the time and a half to be utilized to common pay, not base fee solely. As such, if one thing like a fee is frequently earned and paid, it have to be a part of the extra time calculation.

However What If?

Let’s have a look at what the extra time pay calculation would seem like within the instance above if our worker makes $15/hour base plus $200 in fee for the week and works a 45-hour week.

The brand new base have to be calculated utilizing the overall common pay: $15/hour * 45 hours = $675 plus $200 fee = $875 base pay for the week.

$875/45 hours = $19.44-per-hour common fee of pay

Our two extra time calculation examples from prior to now seem like this:

$19.44 x 45 = 874.80 base

$9.72 x 5 = 48.60 further half fee for extra time hours

Complete: $923.40


$19.44 per hour x 40 hours = $777.60 for the primary 40 hours

$29.16 x 5 = $145.80 complete for the extra time hours

Complete pay owed: $923.40

This instance could seem trivial as a result of the distinction (between calculating the extra time accurately or not) right here is just round $11. However bear in mind, this might be an FLSA violation, which may result in damages and penalties. And on this instance, it’s simply 1 worker in 1 week with a modest quantity of extra time.

What if there have been 30 workers and so they every had 10 hours of extra time or increased commissions to issue into the bottom fee? It’s straightforward to see how the problems and pay discrepancies add up in a short time, which tells us why it’s so essential to get this proper within the first place.

For workers who obtain commissions and should not exempt from extra time pay, this can be a important part for employers to get proper. This may apply to any sort of fee, no matter whether or not it’s calculated as a flat quantity or proportion of a given sale or another calculation.

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